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Addressing the hate


Normally I wouldn’t even bother with this sort of thing but seeing as it just doesn’t seem to be dying down I figure I may as well give people who dislike me something to think about

Let’s start off bluntly, I don’t care what you have to say about me- my self esteem is so far off the charts I…

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hey guys, posts might be a tad slow because i’m seriously bogged down at the moment

also I keep getting spam messages from those blogs that ask you to raise money for their “art education” or whatever… and they’re addressing me by name which is SUPER CREEPY because I’m pretty sure I’ve never used my name on this blog before o.o

edit: i just tried to stand up and discovered that I can barely walk right now thanks to cross country… Explains my exhaustion and inability to concentrate, i guess. :S

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accidentallysupergay asked:
You have literally the best URL ever ❤️

thank you! I was thinking about changing it a while back since it hasn’t received the best reaction, but it’s been my URL for so long that it’s kind of impossible to get rid of. But I guess I’ll keep it :)

what cuties

is anyone else pumped for the new channel?

“Wow! Meow! Cats! Meow! I am Kootra! Meow!”
—Ze pretending to be Jordan
Anonymous asked:
By any chance do you recommend any other creature related blogs? This is the only one I follow and I need more of the derps on my dash tbh


The ones I follow are aleksvitaly ubercreatures rancake creaturegroup scatteredgathered komododigitals kooova kooltra immortalhdildo

That’s a place to start. Don’t follow kooltra, though.

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Chilled Makes Ze in the Sims

Chilled: "He has green eyes!" He DOES have green eyes! Those beautiful green eyes of his...
Chilled: You are getting NO ladies Ze... that's okay! All for myself!
Chilled: *runs Sim!Ze and Sim!Chilled through the children predictor*
“Everyone deserves a respectable booty.”
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so excited for derpcraft!