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Yeah thank you!:)

I don’t know what this referring to, but you’re welcome!

I mean… It does say “wild”.

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I just realized your URL is from Homies Unite help me I'm dumb

don’t worry about it, i’ve come to realize an lot of people don’t actually know that *shrug*

homies unite!

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You don't have to be rude about re blogging it. Please realize that the person who posted probably thought different. Get your facts straight and be nice.

Apologies if I seemed brash, I was trying to reinforce the point as strongly as possible. But I’m not going to play nice with misinformation.

How on earth do you post an article as proof when the article says something entirely different? This isn’t a matter of opinion, or “OP thought something different”— there is no way you can read the article and think that that person swatted Jordan. Did OP not read the article? I’m going to go with that since the other option (that they posted it despite knowing what they were posting was false) is something I hope nobody in this fandom does. In that case, OP is just irresponsible.

(Also, I liked how you tried turning my own words back on me. That doesn’t work because I only stated one fact, which was that the guy in the article didn’t swat Jordan, which is true. Nice try, anon.)


They found who swatted Koots!


This is NOT the guy who swatted Koots. If you had read the article at all you’d realize that this guy swatted an entirely different person. Get your facts straight.

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So what happened? What does it mean the creatures got "swatted"?

It means that someone called in a fake tip (in this case, that there was a live shooter in the office), causing a swat team to come in and arrest/detain(?) (idk legal jargon, sorry) Jordan and Dan. The whole thing happened when Jordan was livestreaming, and you could see them pinning him on the ground and whatnot.

The building was evacuated and nearby schools put on lockdown. The story made it to reddit frontpage and national news, meaning that the Creatures now have A LOT more publicity. Sly doesn’t want to stream anymore. Dan isn’t going to PAX. The office address was released via local news. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the office just yet. Even if they don’t get kicked out, they might move anyway thanks to the address thing (and whoever called in obviously knew their address).

Some people are saying that the swatters are international, which would mean nothing can be done, but nobody knows yet. There’s a guy on twitter that everyone thinks did it.

The Aftermath

Everyone is safe. That’s what matters.

But what now? Are they going to have to move offices? Where will they go if they are kicked out? Will they be able to get another office? What’s going to happen with their living arrangements?

the VOD of Jordan getting swatted front paged on Reddit. How are we going to deal with the publicity? I don’t want to welcome downright vicious people into the fanbase.

I’m scared.

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