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hi chilled! i played zeroyalchaos in that town of salem game... i just wanted to say thank you for everything! you and ze are my favorite youtubers and whenever i'm upset i just watch your videos and I feel so much better :)


SOOOOOOO…youre the reason why my corpse hung that night…bastard >.<

Im glad we make you laugh tho!

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also, i think i need to update my header pic… definitely need the derp crew up there.

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i’m thinking about making another infamous au graphic… or maybe i’ll go with the chroma au instead. thoughts?

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Ships and their fics

ZeRoyalChaos: fluff, fluff, really cute and fluffy smut, more fluff
Jeamus: character death
Immortalfox: angst, angst, suicide, death
NovaHD: fucking everything like wtf even is with this ship

petition for Zeminem and 4L3KS to do a collab

recap of most of the twitter saga!

hey it’s almost Halloween…

…can we bring back the corrupted creature hub?

okay we all know seamus can go hardcore on the uploads but let’s talk about galm for a sec



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