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so remember before i left i said that i might hit 600 before i came back?

i hit 700

love you guys

I got bored. So have some Conduit!Aleks.

(out of town until end of july)


hello!!! i was gonna wait until i hit 800 followers to do this but i couldn’t wait so yea. c: (this is gonna be really short considering i only follow like 120 people) 

dont mind the graphic, i threw it together in like 10 minutes.

(italics = friends, bold = favs)

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im sorry if i missed anyone! (>.<)

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let the panic take control of me!

inspired by [x]

(gone until end of july)

throwback thursday
skyblock survival / thecreaturehub
This is the oldest video on the hub!
6 Creatures + 9 blocks of dirt + endless oblivion below = TOTAL DISASTER.
(I’m going to be out of town until the end of July)
cynicalwhitegirl asked:
how much do I need to befriend you to get your amazing background :3

you don’t have to befriend me at all although i wouldn’t mind if you did :)

edit: I should add that it’s for desktop use; I’m not comfortable with it being on other blogs. Sorry!

what dorks


So…the time has come yet again. I hit 500 a few days ago!!

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I probs missed a buuuunch of people since my last draft didn’t sav e :c

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musical monday
ttt / 7 birches
This is the full version of Aleks’ TTT intro by 7 Birches! And of course, it’s got Jake’s awesome vocals.
(I’m going to be out of town until the end of July)

eyyyy 666 followers!

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