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Anonymous asked:
I found Chilled the exact same way you found Aleks :')

Chilled’s Sims 3 series! I don’t think I actually finished it, but it was great. ChilledChaos Patented Triple Flirt!

100 episodes.

I’ve officially heard “Wheee! Start race! Fwwwwsssshh!” 100 times.

(…what am i doing with my life)

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imagine a red lunchbox with the helmet logo on it.

It’s been two years since I found Aleks. I couldn’t have ever predicted the impact that watching his videos would have. In the last two years, everything has changed for me (well, duh, I’m a teenager) and it’s been so awesome having the Creatures and the Derp Crew by my side.

Without Aleks, I wouldn’t have found the Creatures or the Derp Crew in the first place. I wouldn’t have found Kevin, meaning I wouldn’t have started listening to music. I wouldn’t have found Sly, meaning that I would have never listened to the No No Topics. Without the music and the video game knowledge, I would not be friends with some of the people I’m friends with today, from my online (Hi, Butts!) friends to my real life ones. I wouldn’t have a tumblr or a twitter or a reddit and I certainly wouldn’t know all of the stuff that enhances my understanding of the world around me– from feminism in games to how to deal with failing friendships to what makes people pull triggers.

All because I searched “Sims 3 Let’s Play” in the YouTube search bar.

Thanks, Aleks.

Anonymous asked:
You're a screw up and extremely rude. Go die.

Okay, anon, I think we might have a problem here. See, last time I got hate, I tried to reply in a civil manner. Since that anon (I’m assuming you’re a different anon since you’re considerably less eloquent) actually mentioned what they thought was wrong with me, I actually had something to construct a rebuttal to. However, this is going to be considerably harder since you haven’t given me any objective facts (e.g., the last anon stated that they didn’t like that i liked sanity not included, and the fact that i like sanity is an objective fact) to work with!

I’ll try my best anyway. Let’s start! Here’s your argument, laid out in a syllogism.

According to you:
scatteredgathered is a screw up
scatteredgathered is extremely rude
∴ scatteredgathered deserves to go die

Unfortunately, your logic isn’t valid in the slightest, nor is it sound. Let’s go into why it isn’t valid. We’ll define S as scatteredgathered, W as screw up, E as extremely rude, and D as deserves to go die.

S is W
S is E
∴ S is D

See? None of the premises relate. What if we assume that there’s a premise that you didn’t state outright, like W is D (screw up deserves to die)? Either way, that’s horribly unsound. 

Urban Dictionary says that a screw up is “someone who messes up consistently”. Without going into why screw ups don’t necessarily deserve to die, I’d like point out that I’m pretty sure I’m not a screw up. I haven’t the slightest clue what you think I might’ve messed up on, let alone messed up consistently on. I mean, I’m doing great in life right now. I snagged an internship + junior reporter position at my local youth newspaper; I’m making new friends; I’m participating in community service; I’m finally minimising my allergies, and on top of that, I’m not doing half bad at school! I’m rarely this content with where I am in life. If anything, I’m the opposite of a screw up right now. (screw down? nail up?)

As for the “extremely rude” part… well, now that I think about it, you might actually be the anon who sent me this message:

You don’t have to be rude about re blogging it. Please realize that the person who posted probably thought different. Get your facts straight and be nice.”

in which case I’m sad to see that you’ve allowed your civilness to degrade so quickly. I’m also not overly surprised that your logic is flawed. In any case, I talked to the OP via ask already, and I was aware that my comment on their post may have come off as rude. (Guess that’s the journalist in me. I think the truth is really important.) Anyways, my reply to your ask, however, wasn’t “extremely rude” in the slightest. Hell, I apologized. If you thought that was rude then you should probably start interacting with more people who aren’t afraid to challenge you and help you grow. (Also, considering the rudeness of this ask, I think you might need to look up the word “hypocrite”.)

But hey, don’t make assumptions, right? Maybe you’re not the same anon. Maybe this post wasn’t triggered by that particular post. In all honesty, though, I have no idea what else you’d be talking about since apart from that I’ve been nothing but sweet for the year and a half since I started this blog, not to mention that you probably barely know anything about me.

I wonder how the Creatures would feel if they knew that people like you called themselves critters despite doing the exact opposite of what they preach.

(i.e. spreading the love. btw, that’s another assumption. maybe you’re not a critter. i’ve got no idea how you would find this blog otherwise, though.)

What’s up homies? (\(^-^)
Homies Unite! (\(^o^)/)


whoever sent me the hate

wtf is wrong with you

oh my god

"Chilled’s just got, like… really big eyes, I am noticing. Really big eyes." - Ze

oh my god

"Ooh, that’s actually better… but I feel like it’s a little too thick for him… *winkwinkwinkwink* *raises eyebrows" - Ze


"I feel like he’s always romantic with people […] Let’s just make him romantic. He’ll just try to love everyone." - Ze

i think we’ve hit the motherlode

Anonymous asked:
Let me take this time to tell you how much happiness your paxapocalypse edits gave me. Like omg pls my stomach flipped. I'm going to a corner rn bye

this makes me so happy you have no idea /)v(\ i’m glad you liked it!