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Sorry if that seemed clinical. I’m trying to keep a cool head to avoid panicking anyone else.

deviatedartistic asked:
What happened to Kootra? Is everything okay?

Someone called the police and said there was a live shooter in the office. At this time, Jordan was streaming CS:GO. SWAT arrived, pinned him to the ground, restrained him, etc. Jordan was very level-headed and luckily, it didn’t escalate. Lots of guns and things. Everyone was evacuated from the building and Jordan (and I think Dan) had to be processed.

Repercussions: creature office address revealed via news, everyone is very shaken, sly says he won’t stream anymore. A guy on twitter says he did it and was laughing. He also released “personal information” of the Creatures but apparently a lot of it is false. There are going to be very heavy charges on the caller.

Knowing that the people you love could’ve been killed is, quite frankly, fucking terrifying.

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Note that videos and streams from both the Hub and individual channels are going to slow down as everyone tries to get over the shock and trauma of what’s happened today. They might move offices, change schedules entirely, etc. Not sure what’s happening with PAX, either.

We should be patient in this time.

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I would include more, buuuut… 10 image limit.

Love and support from all directions! Feel better soon, Creatures (especially Jordan and Dan!)

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What if? What if?

Anything could’ve happened. Skit with fake guns? Loud screaming? “Fuck you Hordan, you killed me/I’ll kill you”? Darts? Jordan could’ve died because someone thought it was funny.

It’s important that we get down to the bottom of this. Swatting has to leave the gaming community once and for all.

We’re fine. We’re fine!! Everyone stay calm.


*more sighs*